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We have extensive experience in the provision of Ecological reporting for the Commerical and Recreational sectors. ..

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Commercial & Recreational

Ecofact services frequently utilised by the Commercial and Recreational industry sector are during the project feasibility and planning stage.

We have extensive experience in the provision of Ecological Constraints reporting, full Ecological Impact Assessment; the completion of Flora and Fauna chapters for the Environmental Impact Assessment; Strategic Environmental Assessments; and Appropriate Assessment reporting to fulfil planning requirements.

Ecofact---Mulkear-(1) Kylemore-Abbey bird-survey-ireland
  • Baseline surveys offered include protected terrestrial species surveys for badgers, bats, dedicated bird surveys and for protected invertebrates including Marsh fritillary and Whorl snails.
  • Our specialist aquatic survey capabilities include biological water quality assessments; protected invertebrate species (White-clawed crayfish, Freshwater pearl mussel etc.) surveys; and electrical fishing surveys, fisheries and fish passage constraints studies.
  • Post-planning Ecofact provide construction phase ecological monitoring (Ecological Clerk of Works) and follow-up ecological surveys in compliance with planning conditions or further requests.

The maintenance of ongoing relationships with commercial enterprises is an important element of our business and we are responsible for the completion of a number of annual waste discharge licence monitoring and water quality monitoring programmes at factory sites across the country.

Current News Stories:

  • Major new book – Wildlife and Wind Farms

    A major new book will be published in May 2017 entitled ‘Wildlife and Wind Farms: Conflicts and Solutions’. Volume 1 of this book includes a chapter prepared by Ecofact Principal Ecologist Dr. William O’Connor. The two-volume set provides a comprehensive overview of the interactions between wind farms and wildlife, each volume dedicated to one of the two […]

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  • Surveying wintering birds in the Irish Midlands

    Our staff are currently undertaking a number of wintering bird surveys in the Irish Midlands. Here we have provided some photos and videos from bird surveys we undertook during December 2015. Our bird surveys are undertaken to inform both the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Natura Impact Statement (NIS) reports being prepared for proposed wind energy […]

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  • Marine and estuarine ecology surveys

    Marine and estuarine ecological surveys are a key service provided by ECOFACT. These surveys are undertaken for a number of purposes, including informing the Environmental Impact Assessments and Article 6 Appropriate Assessments of proposed developments affecting the marine / estuarine environment. These surveys are also to monitor the impact of industrial and municipal discharges and aquaculture […]

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  • Freshwater Pearl Mussel surveys

    The Freshwater Pearl Mussel Margaritifera margaritifera is a (freshwater) bivalve listed under Annex II and V of the EU Habitats Directive. It is legally protected in Ireland under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife Act (1976 (Protection of Wild Animals) (Statutory Instrument No. 112, 1990) and the European Communities (Natural Habitats) Regulations (Statutory Instrument No. 94, 1997). Owing […]

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  • Our latest freshwater ecology surveys

    The gallery below is a selection of photos from the aquatic ecology survey work we completed during August and September 2015. The surveys here are being undertaken to inform projects such as the management of waste water treatment plants and water abstraction schemes. The work will also be used to inform environmental impact assessments and appropriate assessments of proposed […]

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