Marine and estuarine ecology surveys

Marine and estuarine ecological surveys are a key service provided by ECOFACT. These surveys are undertaken for a number of purposes, including informing the Environmental Impact Assessments and Article 6 Appropriate Assessments of proposed developments affecting the marine / estuarine environment. These surveys are also to monitor the impact of industrial and municipal discharges and aquaculture installations on receiving marine / brackish water areas. Many coastal areas are now designated within the Natura 2000 network of European protection sites and these may include estuarine, intertidal, subtidal and offshore habitats listed on Annex I of the Habitats Directive. We provide a number of services for monitoring the conservation status of marine Natura 2000 sites.

We provide a wide range of ecological assessments for estuarine, intertidal, subtidal and offshore habitats

Our services in the marine environment encompass habitat and biotope surveys, benthic macrofauna surveys and sediment assessments. We also undertake a wide range of marine / estuarine fish surveys using various nets, baited traps and visual assessments. Our marine and estuarine ecology surveys also include surveys of marine mammals and bird surveys. Moreover, we are experts in the survey and assessment marine non-native invasive species. We also provided advice in relation to inshore angling and commercial fisheries. We undertake a wide range of statistical analyses, and also prepare collision risk models in relation to birds and offshore wind farms. All our marine ecology surveys and impact assessment methodologies follow approved Irish and international protocols. All sampling, fauna identifications and statistical analyses are all carried out in-house by ECOFACT ecologists.

Major assessments we have previously completed in the marine environment include the following:

  • Preparation of the Natura Impact Statement for the proposed Dublin Array Offshore Wind Farm.
  • Preparation of the Natura Impact Statement for a major proposed seaweed harvesting project in Clew Bay.
  • Preparation of the Ecological Impact Assessment for the Cork Harbour Main Drainage Scheme.

Here is a photo gallery of some selected fieldwork photos which we took during recent marine and estuarine ecology surveys. Click on any of the photos below to activate the gallery.

We are committed to a fast and efficient turnaround of field data leading to the production of high quality reporting from our ecological surveys. We provide a comprehensive range of marine ecology surveys and services, tailored to meet our clients needs. We provide expert advice on marine ecological issues and will work closely with you to find sustainable and equitable solutions.

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We provide a wide range of ecological assessments for estuarine, intertidal, subtidal and offshore habitats. If you are interested in finding out more about our marine ecology consultancy services, please contact or call us at +353 61 419477.