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Marine and estuarine ecology surveys

Marine and estuarine ecological surveys are a key service provided by ECOFACT. These surveys are undertaken for a number of purposes, including informing the Environmental Impact Assessments and Article [...]

Freshwater Pearl Mussel surveys

The Freshwater Pearl Mussel Margaritifera margaritifera is a (freshwater) bivalve listed under Annex II and V of the EU Habitats Directive. It is legally protected in Ireland under Schedule [...]

Our latest freshwater ecology surveys

The gallery below is a selection of photos from the aquatic ecology survey work we completed during August and September 2015. The surveys here are being undertaken to inform projects such [...]

ECOFACT winter bird surveys

The winter bird survey season has just commenced so please contact us now if you require any winter bird survey work completed during the forthcoming season. ECOFACT is [...]

Common Dolphin stranding, Cloghan, Co Kerry

One of our ecologists found this Short-beaked Common Dolphin Delphinus delphis in shallow water on the shoreline in Cloghan, Co Kerry, during early August 2015. It is clear [...]

Outbreak of crayfish plague in Co Cavan

There has been an outbreak of ‘Crayfish Plague’ Aphanomyces astaci  – a water mould that infects and kills white-clawed crayfish – in the Bruskey River near Ballinagh, Co Cavan. The National Parks and [...]

Our aquatic ecology and fisheries surveys continue

We have been busy undertaking freshwater ecology surveys, and we have provided a selection of current fieldwork photos below. The surveys we have been undertaking include electrofishing surveys, kick sampling, [...]

Breeding Bird Surveys – Terns

We have been undertaking a number of breeding bird surveys, and here are a selection of photos we have taken of terns this season. We will be posting [...]