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Sea lamprey survey, Lower River Shannon SAC

We have been undertaking a Sea Lamprey Petromyzon marinus spawning survey in the Lower River Shannon Special Area of Conservation, during June and July 2015. This follows on from [...]

Ecology assessments for Lough Derg Canoe Trail

ECOFACT is currently preparing the Ecological Impact Assessment and Habitats Directive Assessment for the proposed Lough Derg Canoe Trail. Lough Derg is the largest lake on the River Shannon, [...]

Surveys of Irish Natura 2000 rivers, Summer 2015

We are currently undertaking a number of aquatic ecology surveys on Natura 2000 rivers. Natura 2000 is a network of nature protection areas in the territory of the [...]

Hen Harrier SPA habitat map viewer launched

The Hen Harrier Circus cyaneus is protected in Ireland under the Wildlife Act (1976) and Amendment Act (2000). With its breeding population having declined by more than 50% in [...]

‘State of Nature in the EU’ report published

Every six years EU member states submit assessments on the conservation status of species and habitats protected under the EU Habitats and Birds Directives. ‘The State of Nature [...]

Limerick smarter travel project approved

ECOFACT has been assisting Limerick City & County Council with the design, planning and environmental assessment of the Limerick Smarter Travel project. We prepared the Natura Impact Statement and [...]

River lamprey spawning surveys

River Lamprey Lampetra fluviatilis is listed on Annexes II and V of the EU Habitats Directive and Appendix III of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife [...]

Artificial lighting and bats

Bats are nocturnal animals and are adapted to low-light conditions. This means that most bat species are impacted on negatively by artificial lighting. A new study just published has demonstrated that bat [...]