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We have been working on marine and freshwater aquaculture and fisheries projects for over a decade..

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Aquaculture and Fisheries


We are Ireland’s leading Fisheries Consultants

ECOFACT is Ireland’s leading Fisheries Consultancy Firm. We offer a wide range of fisheries consultancy services, and have expertise and capabilities that make us the leading supplier of fisheries consultancy services in Ireland. As fisheries consultants we offer a range of fisheries consultancy services include fisheries surveys (including electrofishing surveys, netting surveys, fish habitat surveys, fish counters etc.).

We have dedicated fisheries services and surveys page for inland fisheries that can be accessed here. Please also refer to our Aquatic Ecology and Marine Ecology Surveys pages for further details regarding our capabilities as fisheries consultants.


Fisheries consultants to the Aquaculture and Fisheries Sector

We offer a wide range of fisheries consultancy services tailored to the Aquaculture and Commercial Fisheries industry. These include the provision of environmental assessments and compliance monitoring assessments.


fisheries consultancy fisheries consultants commercial-fishing
  • We can examine the environmental  impacts of different aquaculture systems to assist in the development of sustainable practises and approaches and economic efficiencies in production systems.
  • Our experience extends to salmonids, eels, crustaceans and  seaweed.
  • Our aquaculture work has includes a number of feasibility studies on aquaculture projects in the west of Ireland, as well as the development of water recirculation systems.
  • We have also worked extensively with the ESB on their salmon hatcheries on the Rivers Shannon, Erne and Lee.
  • We have worked on a number of commercial fisheries,  and set up a pilot-scale commercial fishery for glass eels in the Shannon estuary in the 1990’s.
  • We also worked extensively with the Marine Institute and ESB in monitoring the Irish drift net fishery for Atlantic salmon.
  • Services we can now provide include environmental surveys and assessments for planning applications, and also for the licencing and monitoring of existing facilities

If you are interested in further information on ECOFACT and our work as fisheries consultants, or you would like a consultant to contact you, please let us know your requirements by emailing us directly at


We have a particular interest on the development of community aquaculture projects.

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  • Bats surveys for wind turbines – new guidance

    Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) published new guidance in January 2019 for bats surveys at wind farm sites. These new guidelines are entitled “Bats and onshore wind turbines – survey, assessment and mitigation”. The document incorporates findings from the latest research on the impact of wind farms on bats.  It is endorsed by all the statutory […]

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  • Non-volant mammal surveys 2019

    We are one of the leading companies in Ireland providing mammal surveys and assessments. We provide expert advise on both bats and terrestrial non-volant (i.e. non-flying) mammals. We undertake surveys for all terrestrial non-volant mammal species in Ireland, including Badger, Otter, Red Squirrel, Pine Marten, and non-native American Mink, among others. Our staff are fully […]

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  • Filming a documentary on Sea Lampreys

    We were delighted to work recently with BBC Earth on a documentary on Sea Lampreys Petromyzon marinus. The filming took place during early-June 2017 on the old River Shannon at Castleconnell, Co Limerick. This is part of the Lower River Shannon Special Area of Conservation, and Sea Lampreys are a key conservation interest of this […]

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  • Major new book – Wildlife and Wind Farms

    A major new book will be published in May 2017 entitled ‘Wildlife and Wind Farms: Conflicts and Solutions’. Volume 1 of this book includes a chapter prepared by Ecofact Principal Ecologist Dr. William O’Connor. The two-volume set provides a comprehensive overview of the interactions between wind farms and wildlife, each volume dedicated to one of the two […]

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  • Surveying wintering birds in the Irish Midlands

    Our staff are currently undertaking a number of wintering bird surveys in the Irish Midlands. Here we have provided some photos and videos from bird surveys we undertook during December 2015. Our bird surveys are undertaken to inform both the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Natura Impact Statement (NIS) reports being prepared for proposed wind energy […]

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