ECOFACT winter bird surveys

The winter bird survey season has just commenced so please contact us now if you require any winter bird survey work completed during the forthcoming season. ECOFACT is the leading independent provider of bird surveys in Ireland and specialise in undertaking assessments like this for proposed and operational wind energy projects. However, we cater for all types of proposed developments and have undertaken winter bird surveys for projects such as national road schemes, electrical transmission infrastructure projects, and housing developments.

ECOFACT are the leading independent provider of ornithological impact assessments in Ireland. To see photos from our previous bird surveys please follow the links below. These posts provide an overview of some of the observations from our bird surveys during the last few years. All photos were taken by ECOFACT ornithologists during the course of assessments being completed as part of Ecological Imapct Assessment or habitats Directive Assessment studies for proposed wind energy developments in the Irish Midlands.

ECOFACT is the leading independent provider of bird surveys and ornithological impact assessments in Ireland. Designing and implementing bird surveys and preparing Ornithological Impact Assessments (OIA) are our key area of expertise. All our bird surveys are undertaken by suitably qualified and experienced ornithological surveyors and in accordance with national and international standards of best practice.

If you require more information on bird surveys do not hesitate to contact us.