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Welcome to the website of ECOFACT. We are Ireland's leading independant ecology and environmental management company

We are specialists in the fields of ecology and environmental management, and work thoughout Ireland and the UK

We provide a leading role in Ireland as advisors, investigators, and problem solvers on issues regarding the natural environment

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Current News Stories:

  • bird survey

    Surveying wintering birds in the Irish Midlands

    Our staff are currently undertaking a number of wintering bird surveys in the Irish Midlands. Here we have provided some photos and videos from bird surveys we undertook during December 2015. Our bird surveys are undertaken to inform both the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Natura Impact Statement (NIS) reports being prepared for proposed wind energy […]

  • ecofact offshore ecology

    Marine and estuarine ecology surveys

    Marine and estuarine ecological surveys are a key service provided by ECOFACT. These surveys are undertaken for a number of purposes, including informing the Environmental Impact Assessments and Article 6 Appropriate Assessments of proposed developments affecting the marine / estuarine environment. These surveys are also to monitor the impact of industrial and municipal discharges and aquaculture […]

  • Freshwater Pearl Mussel survey

    Freshwater Pearl Mussel surveys

    The Freshwater Pearl Mussel Margaritifera margaritifera is a (freshwater) bivalve listed under Annex II and V of the EU Habitats Directive. It is legally protected in Ireland under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife Act (1976 (Protection of Wild Animals) (Statutory Instrument No. 112, 1990) and the European Communities (Natural Habitats) Regulations (Statutory Instrument No. 94, 1997). Owing […]

  • Aquatic ecology survey (21)

    Our latest freshwater ecology surveys

    The gallery below is a selection of photos from the aquatic ecology survey work we completed during August and September 2015. The surveys here are being undertaken to inform projects such as the management of waste water treatment plants and water abstraction schemes. The work will also be used to inform environmental impact assessments and appropriate assessments of proposed […]

  • Whooper swans (3)

    ECOFACT winter bird surveys

    The winter bird survey season has just commenced so please contact us now if you require any winter bird survey work completed during the forthcoming season. ECOFACT is the leading independent provider of bird surveys in Ireland and specialise in undertaking assessments like this for proposed and operational wind energy projects. However, we cater for […]

  • Brown-trout-electrofishing

    Our aquatic ecology and fisheries surveys continue

    We have been busy undertaking freshwater ecology surveys, and we have provided a selection of current fieldwork photos below. The surveys we have been undertaking include electrofishing surveys, kick sampling, freshwater pearl mussel surveys, white-clawed crayfish surveys, river habitat surveys, and chemical water quality surveys. ECOFACT is Ireland’s leading independent provider of freshwater ecology surveys, and this is […]

  • Breeding bird surveys 2015 (41)

    Breeding Bird Surveys – Terns

    We have been undertaking a number of breeding bird surveys, and here are a selection of photos we have taken of terns this season. We will be posting photos from other breeding bird surveys here also, so please sign up to ECOFACT NEWSDESK on this page to receive all our updates. Ireland has five species […]


    Sea lamprey survey, Lower River Shannon SAC

    We have been undertaking a Sea Lamprey Petromyzon marinus spawning survey in the Lower River Shannon Special Area of Conservation, during June and July 2015. This follows on from similar surveys in relation to River lamprey Lampetra fluviatilis which we undertook earlier this year.  Sea Lamprey is the largest of the three Irish lamprey species, and also […]

  • Lough Derg Canoe Trail (2)

    Ecology assessments for Lough Derg Canoe Trail

    ECOFACT is currently preparing the Ecological Impact Assessment and Habitats Directive Assessment for the proposed Lough Derg Canoe Trail. Lough Derg is the largest lake on the River Shannon, the third largest lake in Ireland, and occupies parts of Counties Clare, Galway and North Tipperary. Lough Derg covers an area of 130 km² and measures 33 km from Portumna […]

  • P1011180

    Surveys of Irish Natura 2000 rivers, Summer 2015

    We are currently undertaking a number of aquatic ecology surveys on Natura 2000 rivers. Natura 2000 is a network of nature protection areas in the territory of the European Union. It is made up of Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Special Protection Areas (SPAs) designated respectively under the EU Habitats Directive and Birds Directive. […]

  • wind-farm

    Hen Harrier SPA habitat map viewer launched

    The Hen Harrier Circus cyaneus is protected in Ireland under the Wildlife Act (1976) and Amendment Act (2000). With its breeding population having declined by more than 50% in the past 30 years the Hen Harrier is listed as an Annex I species under the EU Birds Directive (1979) and accordingly has a high conservation status. […]

  • DSC_0013

    Use of drones for ecology surveys in Ireland

    We have recently been exploring the potential use of drones for ecological survey work. Drones are low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles and they are increasingly being used for surveying wildlife, monitoring and mapping terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and also supporting the enforcement of protected areas. Use of small drones in Ireland comes under the Rockets and Small Aircraft Order S.I. […]

  • ECOFACT Winter Bird Surveys

    ‘State of Nature in the EU’ report published

    Every six years EU member states submit assessments on the conservation status of species and habitats protected under the EU Habitats and Birds Directives. ‘The State of Nature in the EU’ report has now been published, and presents the results from reporting under the nature directives for the period 2007–2012. The report can be downloaded […]

  • Limerick Smarter Travel R2

    Limerick smarter travel project approved

    ECOFACT has been assisting Limerick City & County Council with the design, planning and environmental assessment of the Limerick Smarter Travel project. We prepared the Natura Impact Statement and Ecological Impact Assessment for a revised design for Route 2 of the proposed scheme earlier this year, and this has now received full approval from An Bord Pleanála. […]

  • River lamprey spawning (12)

    River lamprey spawning surveys

    River Lamprey Lampetra fluviatilis is listed on Annexes II and V of the EU Habitats Directive and Appendix III of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats (Bern Convention). It is found only in western Europe, and Irish populations are considered to be of European importance. River lampreys are anadromous and […]

  • Street lighting and bats

    Artificial lighting and bats

    Bats are nocturnal animals and are adapted to low-light conditions. This means that most bat species are impacted on negatively by artificial lighting. A new study just published has demonstrated that bat activity was generally lower in street-lit areas than in dark locations with similar habitat. This has discredited the popular belief that street lighting is attractive to common bat […]

  • Whooper swans and power lines (1)

    Birds and power lines

    Electric power lines are now recognised as one of the most important causes of bird mortality internationally.  Power lines have the potential to cause fatal injuries to birds; as a result of both collision and electrocution. They can also result in habitat loss, with certain bird species avoiding areas where power lines occur. Many power lines in Ireland were installed […]

  • Dawn-on-Turlough

    Winter Bird Survey season 2015 concludes

    We have provided the latest photos from our ongoing wintering bird surveys below. We hope you enjoy this latest series of photographs – all of which were taken during March 2015.  To activate the photo gallery please click on any of the images below. We are now near the start of breeding bird survey season, so if you have a […]

  • Egret-2

    Winter Bird Surveys, February 2015

    Here are the latest photos from our ongoing wintering bird surveys. We hope you enjoy the series of photographs provided below – all of which were taken during February 2015. The photos include Whooper Swans, Bewick’s Swans, Curlew and Greylag Geese, and were selected from photos taken during a number of ongoing surveys in the Irish […]

  • a winter bird survey

    Winter bird surveys during 2014/2015

    Here are a selection of photos from our ongoing 2014-2015 winter bird surveys in Ireland. Most of our winter bird survey work is in the Irish Midlands, and the bird surveys will be used to inform the Natura Impact Statements and Ecological Impact Assessments being prepared for a number of proposed wind energy developments. The […]

  • White-clawed crayfish survey

    White-clawed crayfish surveys

    The white-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes is our only native freshwater crayfish. It is listed on Annex II of the EU Habitats Directive and the species is a qualifying feature in 15 Special Areas of Conservation in Ireland. White-clawed crayfish are threatened internationally and are currently listed by the IUCN as being an Endangered Species. In England […]

  • Electrofishing survey

    Aquatic ecology surveys

    The photo galley below shows some of our aquatic ecology survey work completed so far during the current 2014 season. The survey work we have completed this summer includes electrofishing surveys (for salmonids, lampreys and coarse fish), Freshwater Pearl Mussel surveys (Phase 1/2, juvenile surveys, habitat condition assessments), White-clawed crayfish surveys, river habitat surveys and […]

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