Winter Bird Survey season 2015 concludes

We have provided the latest photos from our ongoing wintering bird surveys below. We hope you enjoy this latest series of photographs – all of which were taken during March 2015.  To activate the photo gallery please click on any of the images below.

We are now near the start of breeding bird survey season, so if you have a requirement for a breeding bird survey this year it is important to start making arrangements with us soon.  Breeding bird surveys are undertaken throughout the spring and summer months from March to August inclusive, and it is important to extend these surveys over as much of the season as possible.

ECOFACT carries out general breeding bird surveys and also more specialised surveys including breeding Hen Harrier surveys.  If you need a breeding bird survey, please contact us now to discuss your project requirements.

To see more photos from our winter bird surveys this season please see the following links:-

Also see the following links for more photos from our extensive winter bird survey work in recent years:-

ECOFACT is the leading independent provider of bird surveys and ornithological impact assessments in Ireland. Designing and implementing bird surveys and preparing Ornithological Impact Assessments (OIA) are one of our key areas of expertise.  We are professional ecologists with recognised ornithological experience and expertise. All survey results are recorded following accepted international standards and protocol.

If you have a requirement for a bird survey or have any queries in relation to the above please contact us now.